Canadian Wollastonite And UNDO Partner On Enhanced Rock Weathering 

Canadian Wollastonite and UNDO Partner on Enhanced Rock Weathering - Carbon Herald

Mining company Canadian Wollastonite (CW) and UK-based UNDO Carbon will partner for an enhanced rock weathering carbon removal project.

As part of the collaboration, CW will spread multi-purpose mineral wollastonite on agricultural land, allowing for the generation of high-quality, permanent CO2 credits while improving soil quality and increasing income for Canadian farmers.

“We look forward to a fruitful partnership with UNDO and highly encourage farmers in eastern Canada to get in touch with us and take advantage of this great benefit model,” said Bob Vasily, President of Canadian Wollastonite.

Active since 2013, CW has specialized in researching the advantages of wollastonite, such as soil enhancement, co-benefits for the agricultural land, and potential for carbon removal through enhanced rock weathering.  According to the company, for every 1.6 metric tons of crushed wollastonite spread, 1 metric ton of carbon is captured.

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UNDO and Canadian Wollastonite will jointly supply crushed wollastonite to farmers at a significant discount.

As wollastonite weathers, it releases calcium, magnesium, silicon, and other major and minor nutrients into the soil, CW said in a press release. This brings greater yields, increased pest resistance, and an improved soil pH.

Presently, Canadian Wollastonite has 17 million tons of wollastonite available. What UNDO will bring to the table is technical expertise in measuring and verifying the captured carbon. Since its establishment last year, UNDO has spread over 150,000 tons of silicate rock. 

UNDO’s current lifecycle operations with Canadian Wollastonite have achieved over 90% carbon efficiency. This means that for every 100 tons of carbon removed with wollastonite, less than 10 tons of carbon is emitted in the process of mining, crushing, and milling.

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