Microsoft Makes First Enhanced Weathering CO2 Removal Purchase From UNDO

Microsoft Makes First Enhanced Weathering CO2 Removal Purchase From UNDO - Carbon Herald

Software giant Microsoft continues its spree of carbon removal purchases. The latest contract has been awarded to enhanced weathering company UNDO.

The purchase is the first of its kind for Microsoft with UNDO committing to spread 25,000 tonnes of basalt rock on farmland. The goal in terms of carbon removal will be to sequester 5,000 tonnes (5,511 tons) of CO2 over the next two decades.

Microsoft becomes a corporate client of UNDO’s but the Scottish company does also offer monthly subscription packages to individual customers.

Plans for removing the equivalent of 20, 40 and 150 kilograms of carbon dioxide are all available. Prices range from £10 (~$11) to £75 (~$83) per month and there are also annual subscriptions.

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In the past several weeks Microsoft has announced several deals for carbon removal purchases.

In March the company signed an agreement with CarbonCapture Inc, who use a direct air capture technology. February saw a deal with Running Tide, a ocean carbon removal company.

UNDO is part of a growing group of enhanced weathering startups operating in the carbon removal industry. Some of the other prominent names are Project Vesta, Heirloom, 44.01 and Carbon Collect.

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