Deep Sky And Mission Zero To Jointly Deploy Direct Air Capture Technology In Canada

Deep Sky And Mission Zero To Jointly Deploy Direct Air Capture Technology In Canada - Carbon Herald

Canadian CO2 removal project developer Deep Sky and Mission Zero Technologies (MZT), a UK Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology provider, have partnered to deploy direct air capture (DAC) sites in Canada. The two companies will start with a world-first demonstration of the technology that has the capacity to capture 250 tons of carbon per year. The partners aim to eventually reach the goal of building commercial plants that capture between 100,000 and one million tons of carbon yearly. 

Deep Sky, which is the first gigaton-scale CO2 removal firm globally, will operate a DAC system from Mission Zero as part of the Canadian company’s Alpha Lab test site. The Mission Zero’s system, which will be located in Quebec next year, will utilize the region’s substantial reserves of renewable hydroelectric energy.

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The cooperation’s goal is to prove the technology’s commercial deployment potential in Canada as part of Deep Sky’s goal to turn the country into a world leader in CO2 removal. The facility follows successful demonstrations of Mission Zero’s system in London as part of pilot and Research & Development work. The same technology will be delivered at two UK locations later in 2023 for the production of synthetic aviation fuels and building materials.

Mission Zero’s direct air capture process is fully powered by electricity and produces high-grade carbon dioxide. Its dynamic carbon electrochemical separation technology allows for effective integration with load-variable renewable power sources. The process uses existing, scaled and mature methods, such as cooling towers and electrochemical water purification. The electrodialysis process is not dependent on heat, which helps bring down total energy consumption.

“Moving at hyper-scale, Deep Sky is gathering the top DAC technology providers in the world,” said Damien Steel, Deep Sky CEO. “Mission Zero is a pioneer, establishing a modularized DAC technology that is projected to reduce both energy consumption and cost. With the addition of Mission Zero’s tech at our Alpha Lab facility in Canada, commercialized carbon removal at scale is within reach.”

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