Planboo Raised Over $1.1M To Scale Biochar Via MRV Technology

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Planboo – a carbon removal company founded in 2020, dedicated to tracking and scaling biochar production in the Tropics, marked a new milestone that brings it a step closer to achieving its mission. The company closed its latest funding round, securing over $1.1 million with backing from investors like Katapult, Silverstrand Capital, Rockstart, Imaginal Seeds, and 8+ Ventures. 

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Planboo transparently track the whole process of biochar production through its digital MRV. The technology is kiln and biomass agnostic, which according to the company, makes it easier for projects to scale at many different places in the tropics simultaneously.

The investment highlights the trust in Planboo’s approach to unlocking biochar carbon removal credits from remote tropical regions. The company’s technology involves a digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (dMRV) tool that supports the remote tracking and auditing of biochar production and application in the ground. The tool reduces tracking time, prevents human error and ensures transparency in the supply chain. 

Planboo also uses hardware – an IoT Greenbox that allows for automatization of data gathering from biochar production and thus the verification of carbon credits in real-time from anywhere.

“We discovered Planboo in 2022 and have been excitedly following the team and the biochar carbon removal space ever since… Planboo is building the B2B SaaS platform to catalyse these projects across the Global South. We are proud to partner with them in their mission to remove 1 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2050,” commented on the investment round Carl Strøm Walton, Investment Director at Katapult VC. 

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“We believe Planboo is a category leader in the Artisan Biochar space. Planboo’s MRV technologies enabled a decentralised biochar production process and allowed more farmers to benefit from the emerging biochar carbon credit market,” also added Ann Goh from Imaginal Seeds.

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