Planboo And Sustainable Travel International To Boost Biochar Carbon Removal

Planboo And Sustainable Travel International To Boost Biochar Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald
Credit: Planboo

Planboo – a fast-developing biochar carbon removal company and Sustainable Travel International – a sustainable tourism proclaimer, announced their new collaboration to boost carbon removals. As part of the partnership, Sustainable Travel International’s travelers will have the opportunity to support Planboo’s biochar projects that will now become part of the company’s Climate Impact Portfolio.

Sustainable Travel’s Climate Impact Portfolio includes a wide variety of projects in different locations that generate carbon credits as they reduce or remove emissions. The portfolio includes a mix of high-quality forestry, wind energy, blue/teal carbon, and innovative climate tech projects. 

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The projects are vetted by the company to ensure their legitimacy, quality, and reputation. They also comply with rigorous third-party standards and pass Sustainable Travel’s internal due diligence tests. 

”We are thrilled to offer travellers and companies the ability to support innovative carbon removal technologies, such as Planboo’s biochar projects, through our Climate Impact Portfolio. By creating long-lasting emissions removals, these projects mitigate climate change and its effects on destinations, the environment, and communities, while helping to counterbalance tourism-related emissions,” commented Kaitlyn Brajcich, Senior Manager at Sustainable Travel International.

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Planboo is currently developing biochar projects in the tropics, training locals on biochar production, on the use of the company’s digital MRV tools, and how they could produce a new revenue stream from the sale of carbon credits. The company’s Sri Lanka and Thailand biochar projects will now become part of the Climate Impact Portfolio.

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