ZeroAvia Signs Deal With Otto Aviation To Power Its New Hydrogen Aircraft

ZeroAvia Signs Deal With Otto Aviation To Power Its New Innovative Aircraft - Carbon Herald

ZeroAvia – the company developing hydrogen-electric solutions for aviation, announced a deal with Otto Aviation, LLC – the private aviation company, to collaborate on a hydrogen-electric powertrain to power Otto’s Celera aircraft.

The Celera 500L aircraft is an innovative new model, scalable to 19 passengers that could potentially revolutionize certain sectors of aviation. It offers a new airframe that deviates from the standard metallic cylinder. 

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Otto Aviation hopes the new agreement with ZeroAvia would make it the first new airframe design to offer zero-emission propulsion in its launch models. ZeroAvia will supply its 600kW hydrogen fuel cells to the aircraft currently in the pipeline.

Otto’s design is also optimized to accommodate large volumes of hydrogen within the fuselage. which will enable a zero-emission range of 1,000 nautical miles (1,852km).

“ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric powertrain helps us to realize the commitment Otto has made to lower operating costs and climate impact for operators. Otto is looking to provide the most efficient aircraft in all senses of the word: minimizing maintenance and operating costs and reducing emissions,” said William Otto, CEO of Otto Aviation.

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According to the company, with ZeroAvia’s powertrain, the Celera will offer long-range zero-emission flights, while further reducing operating costs, thanks to reduced maintenance costs and falling hydrogen-fuel prices. 

Otto claims combustion is relatively inefficient and contributes to over half of the total climate impact of aviation. Long-range hydrogen-electric aircrafts such as Celera are considered to play an important role in eliminating all climate impacts of aviation.

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