Zero Carbon Future Launches Carbon Neutral One-Stop Service Platform 

Zero Carbon Future Launches Carbon Neutral One-Stop Service Platform - Carbon Herald
Source: Businesswire

Asian carbon market Zero Carbon Future announced the launch of its Zero Carbon EX platform on Nov. 5 in Singapore.

Zero Carbon EX is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) one-stop service platform for the carbon asset management business. The platform offers carbon credit development, carbon asset custody, carbon emission accounting, and carbon neutrality consulting, together with other zero-carbon solutions. 

Boutique asset management film Northwaters Capital will partner with Zero Carbon Future to promote the development and expansion of the global CO2 credit market

“We have launched the Carbon Assets Global Opportunity Fund to invest in carbon credit assets around the world,” said Jonathan Yap, CEO of Northwaters Capital. “Asia’s carbon markets present both exciting possibilities and challenges. In the future, we believe we can become a leader in this field to support the growth of carbon markets and the development of green technologies in Asia.”

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Northwaters Capital Phase I Fund has purchased 2 million tons of VCS carbon assets, which turns it into the largest carbon asset management company in the Asia-Pacific.

During the launching ceremony, Northwaters Capital and Zero Carbon Future signed a custodian agreement for 2 million tons of VCS carbon assets, which will be managed on the Zero Carbon EX platform.

The platform is committed to building a Web3 digital asset standard and green finance system for environmental protection, said Dr. Bangdao Chen, CEO of Zero Carbon Future. The Zero Carbon EX platform will aim to reduce carbon asset market barriers to entry and allow more individuals, companies, and government entities to accept the carbon neutral concept and configure CO2 assets, he also said. In the future, everyone will have a ‘carbon’ account and a ‘carbon’ purse, combining daily life with carbon neutrality,” Chen added.

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