ZeoDAC Enters The Direct Air Capture Market With Novel Solution

ZeoDAC Enters The Direct Air Capture Market With Novel Solution - Carbon Herald

ZeoDAC, Inc., a promising new player in the field of direct air capture (DAC), has officially announced its company launch, BusinessWire reports. 

Founded in June 2023, the Atlanta-based company aims to extract carbon dioxide from the air using high-quality solid materials—zeolites. 

This advanced process allows for quick expansion and efficient direct air carbon capture, providing a more sustainable approach to combating climate change. Additionally, the use of zeolites in the ZeoDAC capture technology opens up a wide range of end-product options, making it a versatile and innovative solution in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

Other than carbon dioxide, the novel solution also captures water, enabling the creation of multiple valuable by-products that can generate profits while also providing environmental advantages.

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The company was established by experienced professionals Professor Christopher W. Jones, a leading expert in DAC technologies at Georgia Tech, and Mark E. Davis, a chemical engineering professor from Caltech known for successfully bringing academic innovations such as zeolite-based processes to the commercial market.

In a statement, Professor Jones notes that ZeoDAC’s CO2 capture technology utilizes chemically and mechanically durable solid sorbents and established supply chains for an energy-efficient temperature-vacuum swing adsorption cycle, resulting in a straightforward yet economically beneficial process.

ZeoDAC’s goal is to offer a significant economic benefit for industrial-scale carbon capture and utilization by leveraging a combination of innovations and expertise. 

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The company secured substantial funding from institutional venture capital and strategic investors led by Wilson Hill Ventures. The international investment partners of the group also include Caltech, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Freeflow Ventures, and Global Brain.

Ajay Kshatriya from Wilson Hill Ventures commented “We’re honored to back this “dream team” of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs on their path to accelerate our low-carbon future.”

He highlighted the potential for ZeoDAC to generate significant net present value (NPV) for industrial collaborators globally, creating a lucrative market worth billions while contributing positively to the environment.

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