Yard Stick Is Making Soil Carbon Analysis Scalable

Yard Stick Is Making Soil Carbon Analysis Scalable - Carbon Herald
Source: Yard Stick

The conversation around soil carbon and soil health is becoming more and more prominent, as the importance of both is now clearly recognized as far as society’s future goes. 

And a large part of maintaining healthy soils, which is imperative to sustaining life and even keeping rising temperatures at bay, is measurement. 

Chris Tolles, CEO and co-founder of soil carbon measurement company Yard Stick PBC, spoke at length about the company’s objective to provide accurate, cost-effective, and therefore more scalable measurement solutions.

“The current paradigm of measuring soil carbon with conventional physical soil sampling and laboratory analysis works in the sense that it’s accessible, but it definitely does not work in terms of its scalability, both operationally and cost-wise,” Tolles shared with the Carbon Herald. 

What Yard Stick provides instead, he told us, is a technology called in situ spectroscopy, which means all soil carbon measurement takes place directly on the land with the help of a kind of drill that records footage of the soil profile. 

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The technology provides the same results as lab testing would, only much faster and at a much lower cost.

And with scalability in mind, Tolles also spoke to the problem of wider adoption of regenerative farming and carbon farming practices.

Certain mechanisms, such as enrollment in the voluntary carbon market (VCM), have not yielded satisfying results so far, but on the flipside, there is certainly a positive shift in policy momentum that will likely give regenerative agriculture a much-needed boost in the months and years ahead. 

You can listen to our full conversation with Chris Tolles on our Carbonsations podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You can also watch/listen on YouTube here:

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