Yara And Northern Lights Collaborate On First Cross-Border Carbon Capture Project

Yara And Northern Lights Collaborate On First Cross-Border CCS Project - Carbon Herald

Yara International, a key player in the global ammonia market, has entered into a strategic partnership with Northern Lights, a leading CO2 transport and storage provider.

The two companies have signed a binding commercial agreement that aims to utilize carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to capture CO2 emissions from Yara‘s ammonia production process and permanently store them under the seabed on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Yara’s main efforts will be focused on reducing its annual CO2 emissions by 800,000 tons from the ammonia production at the Yara Sluiskil location. This collaboration will also put into effect the first cross-border transportation and storage of CO2.

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As part of the agreement, the CO2 collected at the Sluiskil complex will be liquefied and shipped by Northern Lights from the Netherlands to a permanent storage site on the Norwegian continental shelf, 2.6 kilometers under the seabed, at Øygarden.

This is expected to result in the production of environmentally friendly ammonia, which, according to Magnus Ankarstrand, President of Yara Clean Ammonia, has the potential to decarbonize hard-to-abate industries such as shipping, chemical and power production.

Speaking of the technology’s potential he adds that: “It will enable the hydrogen economy, and the time to start using clean ammonia and hydrogen to decarbonize Europe is now.”

In a broader context, the goal of cutting 800,000 tons of CO2 at the Yara Sluiskil plant represents 0.5% of the total annual emissions in the Netherlands for 2022. Yara’s current plan is to reduce approximately 12 million tons of CO2 from its operations in Sluiskil within the next 15 years.

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The agreement marks a significant step for the ammonia producer, as it focuses on adopting climate-forward practices and future-proofing its core production assets.

Yara Sluiskil is one of the world’s largest ammonia and mineral fertilizer plants, and this joint initiative with Northern Lights demonstrates Yara’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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