XPRIZE Releases New ‘Getting To Gigatonne’ Report

XPRIZE Releases New ‘Getting To Gigatonne’ Report - Carbon Herald

XPRIZE has just released its ‘Getting To Gigatonne’ report, which details the top 100 teams in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition.

The aim of the report is to provide a useful benchmark for the entire carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry in the form of the data collected from the teams’ submissions to the Final of the competition back in February 2024. 

Namely, this data offers a very rare overview of the latest, most cutting-edge carbon removal solutions from 25 countries across a whole range of different approaches and technologies. 

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The Teams listed in the report are only starting out on their journey of testing, perfecting and, eventually, scaling their solutions to help the industry reach that much-needed gigatonne scale. 

‘Getting to Gigatonne’ takes readers in for a deep dive into the kilotonne project operating data and offers a glimpse into the future by offering scaling trajectories and projections around building the first megatonne projects.

Furthermore, the report also analyzes the larger impacts of achieving carbon removal at gigatonne scale. 

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The report was co-authored by:

  • Nikki Batchelor, Executive Director at XPRIZE Carbon Removal
  • Michael Leitch, Technical Lead at XPRIZE Carbon Removal
  • Laura Franzini, Consultant
  • Ongeleigh Underwood, Consultant 
  • Reinaldo Juan Lee Pereira, Consultant

Since its launch in 2021, XPRIZE Carbon Removal has been dedicated to tackling the massive challenge that is bringing CDR from a budding, little-known sector to a rapidly growing trillion-dollar industry.

The competition challenges Teams from every corner of the world to remove 1 kilotonne (1,000 metric tonnes) of CO2 over the course of a 1-year demonstration period. 

So far, the competition has attracted more than 1,300 teams from 88 countries, which developed their CDR solutions over the past three years, and the ‘Getting to Gigatonne’ report showcases the 100 most promising of these teams. 

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