XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition Now Mandates Completion Of CDR RDT

XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition Now Mandates Completion Of CDR RDT Training - Carbon Herald

As of now, all companies willing to enter the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition will be required to complete the Carbon Dioxide Removal Responsible Deployment Training (CDR RDT).

The CDR RDT program is an interactive online training and suite of resources, released yesterday by the Carbon Business Council (CO2BC), a nonprofit trade association of more than 100 carbon removal and management companies.

When applying for entry into the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition, companies will be asked to show a certificate of completion of CDR RDT.

One of the major reasons for the establishment of CDR RDT is the need for companies to focus more on community engagement and be able to provide answers to questions pertaining to carbon removal deployment, such as benefits and risks for local communities. 

Many carbon removal companies are already leading the way on responsible deployment by answering questions like these, updating project designs based on community feedback, crafting community benefit agreements and more. CDR RDT builds on this momentum to provide an introductory framework and resources for carbon removal companies to learn about robust and meaningful approaches for community engagement,”  said Ben Rubin, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Carbon Business Council.  

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The online course is the first-of-its-kind training program and represents a deep-dive into the importance of community engagement and provides a comprehensive introduction into how to make the necessary first steps in that direction. 

Divided into eight modules, the whole training course can be completed in about an hour, at the end of which participants are presented with a certificate of completion.

In addition, the course includes explainers and questions to test understanding, as well as further learning resources. 

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