XPRIZE Carbon Removal Challenge: Meet The Top 20 Finalists

XPRIZE Carbon Removal Challenge: Meet The Top 20 Finalists - Carbon Herald

XPRIZE, an organization known for creating and managing competitive challenges aimed at addressing critical global issues, has announced the 20 finalists of the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition. 

With a prize of $100 million at stake, participants are tasked with developing and showcasing innovative solutions capable of extracting CO2 from either the atmosphere or oceans and storing it in a long-lasting and environmentally friendly manner.

Since the start of the XPRIZE Carbon Removal in 2021, more than 1,300 teams from 88 different countries have taken part in the competition’s four pathways for removing carbon. These teams come from diverse backgrounds, such as scientists, engineers, technologists, students, and newcomers.

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XPRIZE has now announced 20 standout carbon removal solutions as finalists, which are categorized into Air, Rocks, Oceans, and Land.

In the Air/Direct Air Capture (DAC) category, the finalists are Airhive, Heirloom, Octavia Carbon, Project Hajar (44.01 and AirCapture), and Skyrenu. These companies’ initiatives utilize technology to extract carbon emissions from the air efficiently and at a reasonable cost before storing them in a sustainable manner.

Arca, Lithos, Mati, Silicate, UNDO, and Yuanchu are leading the way in the Rocks category. These innovative companies focus on capturing CO2 and transforming it into materials that not only put away emissions for long periods of time but also improve soil quality and boost local ecosystems.

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Within the Land category, leading competitors include ClimateRobotics, MashMakes, Net Zero, Takachar, and Vaulted Deep. These organizations specialize in optimizing the use of biochar as a means of carbon dioxide sequestration, offering a variety of approaches to scaling up this novel method.

Finally, the top contenders in the Oceans sector include Captura, Ebb, Kelp Blue, and Planetary, all of which are developing various ocean and water-based technologies that demonstrate significant potential for effective and scalable carbon removal.

The last phase of the competition is set to occur in the upcoming year, during which the finalists will be required to showcase the removal of 1,000 net tonnes of CO2 and will be evaluated on their comprehensive cost analysis, operational efficiency, and ability to scale sustainably.

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