XPRIZE Announced The Top 100 Carbon Removal Teams To Move Forward

XPRIZE Announced The Top 100 Carbon Removal Teams To Move Forward - Carbon Herald

XPRIZE – the non-profit organization that designs and hosts public competitions fostering technological development benefiting human kind, announced the top leaders part of its XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition. 

Announced in 2021, XPRIZE Carbon Removal aims to find and support the highest quality and effective carbon removal solutions that can prove they can reach a scale of 1 million tonnes per year and work out a pathway to achieving a gigatonnes per year in the future.

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On April 24th, the competition announced the Top 100 most promising carbon removal Innovators who are moving ahead with the chance to win the XPRIZE award. After three years of the competition and several rounds of judging, these 100 winners present CDR pathways in the spheres of air, ocean, land and rocks. 

As Nikki Bachelor, Executive Director at XPRIZE Carbon Removal, confirmed, 25 of the winning teams are working on direct air capture; 21 on ocean CDR – algae, kelp, direct seawater removal, and more; 39 are into nature-based/ land solutions such as trees, soil, plants, agriculture, biochar and more; and 15 startups are involved with rocks – mineralization, enhanced weathering, mine tailings, and more.  

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In April 2025, the competition will give the biggest award of $50M to the Grand Prize Winner and the remaining $30M will be distributed among runners-up chosen by the Judges. Previous awards include $5M to 23 Student Teams in 2021 and $15M to 15 Milestone Winners in 2022. 20 Finalists will also be selected in 2025 out of the 100, to demonstrate and test that their solutions can remove 1,000 tonnes of CO2 from the air or oceans. 

The list of the Top 100 carbon removal teams can be found here.

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