Wyoming Voters Support Carbon Removal Sites By A 50-Point Margin

Wyoming Voters Support Carbon Removal Sites By A 50-Point Margin - Carbon Herald
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Voters in Wyoming support carbon removal sites by a 50-point margin, expert group Data for Progress reported. The U.S. state is becoming a case study in America’s transition to more sustainable power sources, with investments in Direct Air Capture and wind energy. 

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A statewide poll assesed Wyoming voters’ attitude toward new energy sources and technology. The results showed that most of them still think that the oil and gas industry will continue to drive the state’s economy. Yet, Wyoming voters also supported carbon dioxide removal (CDR) sites in the state, especially if they create well-paid jobs. The voters expressed a positive view toward traditional energy sources like natural gas (91% favorable), oil (84% favorable), and coal (78% favorable). They also voted in favor of nuclear energy (71% favorable), solar energy (69% favorable) and wind energy (52% favorable). 

57% of Wyoming voters voted in favor of CDR technologies, and 27% said they haven’t heard enough to form an opinion.

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