Worley Chosen For New Carbon Capture Project At Bayou Bend

Worley Chosen For New Carbon Capture Project At Bayou Bend - Carbon Herald

Worley, a sustainability solutions company based in Australia, has won a contract to develop and assess carbon dioxide collection, transportation, and storage systems for the Bayou Bend carbon capture and storage (CCS) initiative in Texas. 

As part of the Bayou Bend CCS project, Worley will be responsible for designing and implementing effective carbon capture technologies that can be integrated seamlessly into existing industrial processes.

The Bayou Bend initiative, a collaboration involving Chevron, Equinor, and TotalEnergies, aims to store industrial carbon dioxide emissions from southeast Texas, utilizing 140,000 acres of underground space near the US Gulf of Mexico coast.

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To facilitate this ambitious project, leases have been secured for approximately 40,000 acres in US Gulf waters under Texas jurisdiction. Additionally, an additional 100,000 acres have been acquired from private landowners in Jefferson and Chambers counties, which are situated along the US Gulf coast and include the cities of Beaumont and Port Arthur.

This decarbonization plan is a shared effort between industry leaders and environmental advocates, with TotalEnergies estimating that the project will have the capacity to store “several hundred million” tonnes of carbon dioxide. 

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Mark Trueman, Worley’s president for the Americas, expressed confidence in their ability to contribute to the success of this innovative project. With a proven track record of executing CCS initiatives globally, Worley is well-positioned to support the development of Bayou Bend and help accelerate the adoption of carbon capture solutions on a larger scale.

Trueman emphasized the significance of projects like Bayou Bend in driving the transition to a more sustainable future. By leveraging their extensive experience in the field, Worley aims to play a key role in enabling companies to achieve their net zero goals and reduce their environmental footprint. 

The collaboration between Worley and Bayou Bend is a testament to their shared commitment to creating a cleaner, greener world for future generations.

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