World’s First Recording Studio Devoted To Carbon Capture Is Here!

World’s First Recording Studio Devoted To Carbon Capture Is Here! - Carbon Herald
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The UK’s Gloucestershire has become home to the world’s very first recording studio devoted to carbon capture. 

The studio opened its doors at Cotehay Farm, Brockhampton, in October 2021.

Migration Studios, as the project is known, has vowed to support UK-based carbon capture projects by directing all recording studio profits to Platform Earth – an arts-led environmental charity. 

The studio has already set eyes on the first project it would like to help fund – the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project. 

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The initiative aims to conserve 304 square kilometers (~117 square miles) of land along the Sussex coastline, which was once one of the region’s most biodiverse habitats. 

As shared by Migration Studios co-founder and also Platform Earth Trustee Ruth Ganesh, the kelp native to this region is capable of trapping 20 times more CO2 than land-based forests and grows just as many times faster. 

If the restoration partnership is successful, the area will be able to store as much CO2 emissions as the entirety of London’s music industry emits in a year. 

To mark the occasion, over 20 musicians and producers spent three days creating a record titled ‘MO0001:’The First Movement’, which is set to be released together with a documentary that followed the whole process. 

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