World’s First Carbon Neutral Buildings Are In Memphis

World’s First Carbon Neutral Buildings Are In Memphis - Carbon Herald
Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

In recent years, Memphis architects have succeeded in creating the world’s first two carbon-neutral buildings.

The firm responsible for this major achievement is archimania, and one of the two milestone buildings is its own headquarters on Cooper Street. 

Both buildings have been certified by the International Future Living Institute. 

Archimania was also recently officially recognized for its achievements by the American Institute of Architects and Metropolis magazine for these, as well as for other projects. 

The importance of these projects not only in showing the world that it can be done, but as partner at the firm Barry Yoakum shared, it can be done without spending a fortune. 

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And news of the carbon-neutral buildings is spreading quickly, demonstrating high demand, as the firm is now receiving more calls from outside Memphis than from within its homecity. 

Yoakum voiced his hopes that spreading the word about archimania’s projects may help spark discussions on how to minimize the impact of the built environment in Memphis and other cities on the environment. 

And the built environment encompasses all man-made elements of the environment in addition to commercial and private buildings, including sidewalks and streets.

But what to do about existing buildings?

While the solution offered and executed by archimania is cutting-edge and very forward-thinking, it provides the world with an alternative to the way buildings have been and still are constructed today. 

Another company, CarbonQuest, has come up with a solution for existing buildings that have been found to emit a lion’s share of CO2 in urban environments. 

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The Spokane Valley-based start-up has just launched the first-ever carbon capture system for buildings. 

The technology called Building Carbon Capture System will be trapping the emissions of a large multifamily building in Manhattan. 

If both solutions offered by archimania and CarbonQuest start gaining traction and become more widely available in cities around the world, meeting climate goals might just become easier. 

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