Windship Technology Signs A Carbon Capture Deal With Calix

Windship Technology Signs A Carbon Capture Deal With Calix - Carbon Herald

Windship Technology – a British zero emission company for the shipping industry and Calix Limited – an Australian technological company, providing solutions for sustainability issues, announced on July 1st an exclusive joint development relationship. Windship Technology will develop and incorporate Calix’s carbon capture system RECAST into its net zero-ship solution.

Greenhouse gas emissions from global shipping account for 3% of total emissions and are expected to rise to 10% by 2050. Legislation is also pushing shipping asset owners to adopt true zero emission technologies to decarbonize the sector. 

This is why Windship Technology has been collaborating with Calix Limited for 12 months to find a way to eliminate ships emissions. The result of the extensive work is the agreement being reached that combines the technologies of the two companies. 

Carbon Capture And Renewables Solutions

Calix has developed the RECAST technology that captures carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide, and particulate emissions from vessel power systems. It uses lime as a sorbent to catch the emissions from conventional engines and also as part of the fuel for the ship. 

Windship Technology development includes a vertical aerofoil technology that harnesses the wind to drive the vessel, which allows for reductions in engine power to be made while achieving the same speed and maximizes fuel saving.

The goal of the agreement is to combine Windship Technology’s whole-ship solutions with Calix’s carbon capture technology to incorporate a comprehensive low carbon system of wind technology, carbon capture, solar energy, renewable power, weather routing, hull design and innovative engine design.

“We have been delighted to work with Dr. Brian Sweeney and the team at Calix throughout the design process of our onboard Carbon Capture System… and our … arrangement opens the door to delivering a … system that has the potential to future-proof the shipping industry to True Zero and deliver on the United Nations sustainability agenda,” said Simon Rogers, Technical Director of Windship Technology.

“The shipping industry is at a definite crossroads now with decisions being made that will affect the next 25 years of commercial activity,” added Graham Harvey, Chief Executive of Windship Technology.

The collaboration between the two sustainability companies is driving the development of how to reduce carbon emissions for the shipping sector. Carbon capture combined with renewable energy systems could prove to be a holy grail for this hard-to-decarbonize industry. 

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