Wild + Pine Breaks Ground On The Largest Afforestation Project In Western Canada To Benefit Climate And Biodiversity

Wild + Pine Breaks Ground On The Largest Afforestation Project In Western Canada To Benefit Climate And Biodiversity - Carbon Herald

Wild + Pine, a Certified B Corporation that develops verified nature-based carbon removal assets, has announced today the groundbreaking for the third phase of StoneWoods Forest Carbon Project (StoneWoods) – the largest afforestation project in Western Canada. The project targets the restoration of 3,700 acres of land to benefit biodiversity, enhance wildlife connectivity, and remove carbon from the atmosphere. Wild + Pine’s work to scale nature-based carbon removal assets in StoneWoods is supported by partnerships with companies including Aviva plc, TELUS, Edmonton International Airport (YEG), Parkland Corporation and HCMA.

Since StoneWoods’ launch in 2022, Wild + Pine has restored 1,500 acres (600 hectares) of degraded land across 11 sites in Alberta. With this groundbreaking, announced on the International Day for Biological Diversity, Wild + Pine is targeting an additional 2,230 acres (990 hectares) to extend the restored land to 3,700 acres. Wild + Pine restores land holistically, taking an ecosystem-based approach. It doesn’t simply plant trees or provide offsets – it grows forests and provides corporations with long-term investment opportunities in natural assets that support carbon and biodiversity goals.

“We are grateful for the support of our partners. We can’t tackle climate change without collaboration and we couldn’t achieve the magnitude of what we want to achieve with StoneWoods without the support of forward-looking climate and sustainability leaders. Our partners recognize the power that Canadian forests can deliver to a balanced carbon removal portfolio,” said Chris Kallal, CEO of Wild + Pine.

StoneWoods is located in Central Alberta, where the Aspen Parkland transitions into the Central and Dry Mixedwood ecoregions of the Boreal Forest. This land contains some of the most productive and extensive waterfowl breeding habitats in North America. The area is essential for the survival of diverse species such as the piping plover, western grebe, and burrowing owl. It is also home to over 300 bird species and iconic Canadian wildlife like the woodland caribou, Canada lynx, black bear and moose.

The restored area previously suffered fragmentation and degradation due to industrial development and human activity. The land StoneWoods is on is one of the most altered ecoregions in Alberta and affected regions in Canada, with less than 20% of its natural coverage remaining, and it is one of the most critically endangered forest areas in the western hemisphere. Through Wild + Pine’s partnerships and work on StoneWoods, vital wildlife habitat can be restored, making a significant impact on biodiversity, climate, and local communities.

Fieldwork for StoneWoods will take place over the next several months and into the fall. Corporations can still register to be a partner of StoneWoods to create multigenerational, high-integrity carbon removal assets to de-risk their portfolio while driving meaningful change. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3K2WCkp

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