What’s Happening At CERAWeek 2023?

What’s Happening At CERAWeek 2023? - Carbon Herald
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CERAWeek 2023 is an annual event organized by S&P 500 and is one of the world’s top energy conferences.

Lasting an entire week from March 6 to 10, CERAWeek 2023 will host a multitude of talks, with prominent speakers from some of the world’s leading companies in the energy sector and other industries, government officials, representatives of academia and others. 

The busy agenda of CERAWeek 2023 is riddled with exciting sessions, each of which is certainly worth tuning in for.

One of the most noteworthy sessions will be led by Carbon Engineering (CE) and is titled “The Business Case for Direct Air Capture”. Direct air capture or DAC is a technological carbon removal solution that is gaining momentum and is expected to play a critical role in mitigating the climate crisis. 

CE’s Vice President and Head of Business Development Lori Guetre will talk about the business case for DAC, its most suitable locations and how big the carbon removal market is set to become. 

DAC will also be represented by Oxy Low Carbon Ventures (subsidiary of Occidental) during the “Direct Air Capture – An Enabler for a Sustainable Future” panel.

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The theme will be continued by one of the world’s leading developers of innovative decarbonization technologies, 8 Rivers, during the “Deploying DAC – Why it’ll revolutionize the fight for Net Zero” session. During his talk, Senior VP Strategy will focus on the ultra-efficient Calcite DAC process and why it might be a revolutionary tool on the path to net zero. 

The decarbonization of heavy industry is another major theme that will be present during CERAWeek 2023, particularly in the “Advancements in Decarbonizing Heavy Industry” sessions, with speakers like Carbon America CEO and co-founder Brent Lewis and CEO of LanzaTech, Jennifer Holmgren. 

A final mention is the “What’s Ahead in Washington?”, which will take place on the last day of the CERAWeek 2023 event and will feature government officials Senators Joe Manchin and Lisa Murkowski. 

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