Weekend Carbon Longreads – 12-13 June, 2021

Weekend Carbon Longreads - 12-13 June, 2021 - Carbon Herald
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Here’s our selection of in-depth carbon emissions articles we came across this week.

The Bottlenecks Which Could Constrain Emission Cuts – the Economist reports that renewable energy projects are already being hampered by a deficit in “minerals, money and places to build” even at this relatively early stage of their adoption.

Is Carbon the ‘Crop’ of the Future? – a very detailed look at the prospects of carbon farming from both the agricultural and financial angles.

Carbon capture keeps proving its critics right. What comes next? – a stern and largely fair criticism of what carbon capture has achieved so far. We disagree with some of the assumptions and data in the article, but it does provide valuable points that need to be addressed for carbon capture to fulfill its potential.

Could digital twins provide the answers to achieving net zero emissions? – Dean Douglas of BIM Academy explores the adoption of “digital twins” in different industries, like aviation, architecture and construction. The idea here is that through a digital process we can measure, monitor and manage projects in these industries and reduce their footprint.

Decarbonising concrete in the UK – we came across this thorough review of the concrete and cement industry in the UK but the article also contains a roadmap for achieving zero emissions by aligning industry, government and the supply chain.

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