Weekend Carbon Capture Longreads – 5-6 June, 2021

Weekend Carbon Capture Longreads - 5-6 June, 2021 - Carbon Herald
Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay

Here are some of the more in-depth carbon capture articles the Carbon Herald team has been reading this week.

The World’s Forgotten Greenhouse Gas – a great article from Knowable Magazine (featured on BBC’s “Future Planet”) about nitrous oxide which is 300 times more potent that carbon dioxide. Its production has been increasing in recent years with agriculture using more synthetic nitrogen fertiliser.

Single gene boosts climate resilience, yield and carbon capture in crops – studying the mechanisms that allow desert plants, such as agave and kalanchoe, to thrive in dry conditions, scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory may be able to provide a three in one solution to the challenges agriculture faces in a warmer world.

The five biggest reasons carbon offsetting schemes can fail – we covered the recent success of carbon offset programs like Compensate and Puro.earth, but both they and other carbon emission offset programs still face a variety of challenges.

Carbon capture is a gift horse for Australia – a great read about the opportunity carbon capture can be for one of the key global economies, seen by many as intertwined with ores and oil.

Assessing Carbon Capture in Trees With Machine Learning – a team from IBM has set out to evaluate exactly how much trees can offset carbon emissions. They use LIDAR technology and combine it with aerial imagery to measure trees’ “carbon load” capacity.

We plan to make this list a regular feature, so please submit any similar articles you think should be included to editor@carbonherald.com.

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