Watershed Introduces Specialized Software For EU CSRD Reporting

Watershed Introduces Specialized Software For EU CSRD Reporting - Carbon Herald

Enterprise climate platform Watershed has unveiled Watershed for CSRD, a dedicated software solution tailored for companies adhering to the European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

This launch precedes the imminent deadline for thousands of global companies mandated to report extensive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data, marking a significant stride in sustainability reporting.

Scheduled for early 2025, the inaugural wave of CSRD reporters, comprising approximately 12,000 global entities, will submit their 2024 ESG data to EU member state regulators, Watershed said in a statement Tuesday announcing the launch of its new software.

The CSRD, recognized as the most comprehensive ESG disclosure regulation to date, elevates the significance of climate and ESG data by aligning it with the standards applied to financial data.

This shift places ESG reporting under the scrutiny of corporate leadership and financial teams, signaling profound implications for companies, investors, and consumers alike.

Notably, it heralds the first instance of publicly accessible and standardized ESG data across various jurisdictions and sectors.

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To adhere to CSRD standards, finance and sustainability teams require heightened levels of assurance and control over their sustainability data.

They also seek clarity regarding the elements to be included in CSRD reports and confidence in their ability to pass external audits.

“Watershed for CSRD helps finance and compliance teams meet this new bar with confidence, while giving sustainability leaders the data they need to drive decarbonization,” Taylor Francis, co-founder of Watershed, said in a comment to the launch.

Watershed for CSRD empowers companies to collect, calculate, and manage the comprehensive array of ESG data—over 1,100 data points—mandated by the CSRD.

Furthermore, the software enables users to identify data gaps or inaccuracies, track progress against CSRD standards, and seamlessly integrate with additional reporting frameworks such as CDP and TCFD.

Developed in collaboration with climate, environmental, and policy experts, Watershed for CSRD is already operational in leading global organizations.

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