Watershed Expands Its Partnership With Lowercarbon Capital

Watershed Expands Its Partnership With Lowercarbon Capital - Carbon Herald

Watershed announced an expanded partnership with Lowercarbon Capital, a leading investor in groundbreaking climate technologies.

Lowercarbon Capital had invested in the enterprise decarbonization platform previously, in the Series B funding round in 2022.

Now, in addition to being an investor, Lowercarbon is becoming a customer of Watershed with the purchase of 1,000 metric tons of CO2 removal from the company’s marketplace. 

The purchase was made from Watershed’s portfolio of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) suppliers, which includes companies like Heirloom, Living Carbon, Pacahama, Running Tide, UNDO and others. 

With that said, the portfolio of suppliers includes various types of CDR solutions, such as direct air capture (DAC), ocean carbon removal, bioengineered trees and enhanced rock weathering. 

“The world needs climate technology leaders with ambition that matches the scale of this challenge. The team at Lowercarbon Capital embodies that ethos; they share our vision of a thriving decarbonized economy that runs on revolutionary climate solutions,” said Taylor Francis, co-founder of Watershed.

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