Washington State Passes Carbon Removal Funding In Capital Budget

Washington State Passes Carbon Removal Funding In Capital Budget - Carbon Herald
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Last week, the state of Washington passed its capital budget, part of which is funding for carbon dioxide removal (CDR). 

In addition to providing funding opportunities specifically for carbon dioxide removal, this also marks the first time any US state has approved investment in technologies to actively remove the full range of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere — including methane and nitrous oxide.re. 

The $12 million funding will be made available as grants that representatives of business, academia and non-profit organizations will have the opportunity to apply for in order to support their research, development, and demonstration projects.

Carbon removal as well as the overall removal of residual greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere is becoming a more and more apparent solution for rising global temperatures, more so after its importance was stressed by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in one of its latest reports.

But in order for the emerging sector to reach its needed potential for meaningful impact, more funding and support from the public sector will certainly be required on both local and global levels. 

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To gain more insight as to what Washington’s pioneering move that was supported by The OpenAir Collective and PacCLEAN.org. will come to mean in the near future, we spoke to Matt Battles, a volunteer policy advocate on Orcas Island in Washington State.

“We are likely to see applications for carbon dioxide removal techniques such as enhanced rock weathering, biochar, storage of carbon dioxide in low-embodied-carbon concrete, storage of captured carbon dioxide in basalt rock formations, fuel synthesis from direct air capture, ocean alkalinity enhancement, and more.

The projects will be early stage companies doing research and development, or later stage companies launching new pilot projects based on technology already beginning to scale,” Battles said. 

“We also hope to see one or more projects to remove other greenhouse gasses such as methane or nitrous oxide. These technologies are important in addressing climate change, although most are earlier in their development than CDR.”

Battles also added that the Open Air Collective and PacCLEAN.org are involved with legislature in three other states. California, Massachusetts and Maine all have bills at various stages of development that could provide support for carbon removal.

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