Warwick Carbon Solutions Announces Construction Of Unique Lower-Emission Power Facility In Decatur

Warwick Carbon Solutions Announces Construction Of Unique Lower-Emission Power Facility In Decatur - Carbon Herald

Broadwing Energy LLC (a subsidiary of Warwick Carbon Solutions) announced today that it has signed a formal agreement paving the way for Broadwing Energy, a first-of-its-kind power and steam facility that will capture over 90% of CO2 emissions with a combination of CO2 removal technology and ADM’s permanent carbon storage wells.

ADM and Warwick Carbon Solutions originally announced their intention to build a new power and steam facility in 2021. Since then, they have evolved and expanded the scope of the project: The new plan calls for Warwick to build and operate a natural gas power plant that will provide both electricity and steam to ADM’s Decatur processing operations, using removal technology to capture CO2 emissions, which will then be safely and permanently stored underground using ADM’s CCS capabilities. The companies expect the new facility to have a CO2 capture efficiency of over 90%, with the potential to permanently sequester over 2 million tons of CO2 emissions per year.

“Warwick is pleased to announce this important next step for Broadwing Energy and our partnership with ADM, which we view as a game changer in the development and the deployment of carbon capture and sequestration,” said Jonathan Wiens, CEO, Warwick Carbon Solutions. “Broadwing will showcase the industry-leading capabilities of ADM’s sequestration operations, Mitsubishi Power’s state-of-the-art power generation equipment, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America’s carbon dioxide removal technology for a proven and trusted decarbonization solution. This project will serve as a model for others to follow as we work toward decarbonizing our economy and the world.”

“ADM continues to lead in the decarbonization of the industries in which we operate,” said Ian Pinner, ADM’s senior vice president of Strategy and Innovation. “Our world-class carbon capture and storage facility is powering our ability to offer low-carbon intensity ingredients and applications to meet customer demand, acting as an accelerator for growth platforms like BioSolutions and a foundational enabler for our potential entry into sustainable aviation fuel. We look forward to working with Warwick to advance this important work.”

Broadwing Energy has the potential to support more than a thousand direct and indirect jobs during construction, along with approximately two dozen jobs for operation of the facility.

“Broadwing Energy demonstrates Decatur’s position as a global leader in technology and innovation, and industrial growth is not possible without the necessary utility infrastructure to support it,” said Nicole Bateman, president, Economic Development Corporation of Decatur, and Macon County. “Broadwing impacts our community directly through the construction of the new facility and immediate job creation, which reinforces our collective efforts to train the next generation of both construction and tech workers. This power plant is an investment in the growth potential of our entire region.”

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