Wärtsilä Believes In Carbon Capture, Designs A Robust LCO2 Carrier

Wärtsilä Believes In Carbon Capture, Designs A Robust LCO2 Carrier - Carbon Herald

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions – a Finish manufacturer of marine energy technologies, revealed its concept on April 26th for a liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) carrier. The company was also awarded the first of its kind Approval in Principle (AiP) by the classification society DNV for its vessel design. 

“LCO2 is increasingly relevant in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a greener future. It represents an important link in the value chain for the entire carbon capture infrastructure,” said Pål Steinnes Sales General Manager of Wärtsilä. 

The company is using its extensive know-how of shipping design and gas cargo to meet the transport needs of the carbon capture industry. As the CCS sector is expected to experience growth in the next few decades, the CO2 transport to specific locations globally will also increase

“In developing a robust and proven concept, both in the cargo containment and cargo handling requirements for LCO2 Carriers, we have drawn on our unparalleled experience in gas carrier segments,” added Mr Steinnes. 

The company announced that the total cargo capacity of the vessels is 7500 cubic meters (cbm). It is separated into two containment tanks, each of 3750 cbm. After intensive engineering analysis, it managed to design an optimum model for the vessel to adapt to the specific nature of carrying large quantities of liquid carbon dioxide. 

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Making Business Sense?

The shipping solution is also expected to facilitate the trade of liquid CO2 as carbon capture utilization and storage is another sector of the carbon capture realm that is forecasted to grow. Transport of large quantities of CO2 would have to become much more affordable and available for the CCS industry to accomplish the world’s net zero target. 

Companies like Wärtsilä are providing solutions to the challenge that remains of transporting CO2 overseas. Even though it’s an emerging concept, the new LCO2 carrier design is a milestone in facilitating the future deployment of CCS and CCUS. 

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