Voyager Ventures Launches Its First $100 Million Climate Tech Fund

New climate financing fund aimed at early-stage businesses is opening doors to support the world’s decarbonization efforts. Voyager Ventures – an investment company focused on exceptional green technologies, has raised a $100 million climate tech fund. 

Voyager’s first fund will invest in North America and Europe-based climate technology businesses that can materially decarbonize transportation, energy systems, food and materials production. Its goal is also to sequester or avert 500 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent over its lifetime.

Voyager Ventures co-founders and managers – Sierra Peterson and Sarah Sclarsic succeeded in attracting investment from a range of tech founders and CEOs including the founders of Segment, Shopify, Lyft, Supercell, Unity and Tableau. General partners are Union Square Ventures, Lowercarbon’s Chris Sacca, former GE CEO Jeff Immelt, and institutions like the Nature Conservancy and The Grantham Foundation.

“We’re excited to back Voyager as a stand-out early-stage climate tech investing firm… We are impressed by Sarah and Sierra’s knowledge, operational expertise, and networks to find, fund, and support leading early-stage companies that can create climate impact at scale,” said Eva and Logan Green, CEOs of Lyft. 

The CEO of Voyager Sarah Sclarsic added that there is a whole generation of motivated and talented founders that are committed to building solutions to the climate crisis. That is the main reason behind creating the climate fund – to invest in exceptional technologies that can decarbonize energy systems, transportation and many other areas in our economy having a substantial carbon footprint. 

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Sierra Peterson also continued that the fund recognizes the stakes in stabilizing the climate within our lifetimes. Before establishing its first climate tech fund, Voyager has long been working on solutions for biodiversity loss. Since 2015, Voyager has invested in more than 25 climate technology companies that were collectively valued at nearly $2 billion.

Sierra Peterson’s experience includes climate policy in the Obama White House Office of Energy and Climate Change and the International Energy Agency and Sclarsic co-founded car-sharing firm Getaround. She was also the founding business director at alt-protein company, Modern Meadow.

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Markets and technology have the potential to swiftly shift the course of global warming and environmental risks on a mass scale so Voyager’s founders are ramping up climate tech startups to achieve just that. 

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