Vow ASA Secures Permits For $27M Biochar Project

Vow ASA Secures Permits For $27M Biochar Project - Carbon Herald

Industrial decarbonization pioneer Vow ASA has reached a major milestone in the development of its circular biochar and renewable energy project, acquiring all necessary permits for initializing operations.

The project, valued at $27 million, has mapped out the engineering design of the necessary equipment, and it is now in the procurement and construction stages of advancement.

In May 2022, Vow signed a contract and started collaborating with Quonset Soil Solutions, LLC (QSS), which owns the new project and is an affiliate of Green Development, LLC, a company renowned for its renewable energy projects. 

Both companies focused their efforts on performing environmental analysis and detailing initial designs so that the project could meet the requirements for obtaining air and building permits.

Their agreement lays out that the project equipment, consisting of four BioGreen® pyrolysis reactors, production handling equipment, and emission and energy monitoring equipment, will be provided by Vow. 

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The construction of the facility will be handled by a team of knowledgeable consultants assembled by Green Development, which will be the general contractor for the project site.

Quonset Soil Solutions is currently exploring various markets where it plans to utilize the biochar produced at the new facility. 

The sustainability benefits of this project go beyond biochar, as development plans include converting pyrolysis gas to heat, which will be used to dry raw materials and generate electricity, as well as providing carbon credits on the market.

The biochar initiative will be a groundbreaking endeavor for Vow and Green Development, marking their first project of this nature in the United States. This presents a valuable chance to create both economic and environmental benefits within the US market.

The project equipment delivery is expected to begin towards the end of 2023, while the biochar production plant is scheduled to be fully operational in early 2025.

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