Viridor Applies For Carbon Capture Permit At Runcorn Energy From Waste Plant

Viridor Applies For Carbon Capture Permit At Runcorn Energy-from-waste Plant - Carbon Herald
Render of the of the Runcorn plant with CCS. Source:

Viridor plans to invest in a major carbon capture facility at Runcorn that will capture almost one million tonnes of CO2 per annum.

The project has been shortlisted for the final stage in the Government’s industrial carbon capture (ICC) sequencing process. The proposed plant will be one of the first carbon capture projects on an energy recovery facility in the world. It is one of 8 Government-supported projects intended to kickstart a world leading carbon capture industry in the UK.

A spokesperson for Viridor, said: “We’re pleased to confirm we have submitted an Environmental Permit application as part of our preparations for bringing a world leading carbon capture facility to Viridor’s Runcorn Energy Recovery Facility. This is just one of the permissions we’ll need for our carbon capture facility. It sets out how we will operate to the highest standards and minimise our environmental impact. As the body which regulates this type of process, the Environment Agency is currently conducting a consultation on our application. We would encourage anybody with an interest to find out more and submit their views to the Environment Agency as part of this consultation.”

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The project will connect to the proposed HyNet CO2 transportation and storage network, allowing the CO2 that’s captured to be transported away from the site and then safely locked away as part of the proposals being developed by that project.

Viridor’s implementation of carbon capture and storage, in addition to continuous improvements in our waste sortation and recycling, is how we intend to meet our commitment to being a net zero company by 2040, and net negative by 2045.

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