Viridios AI And Carbon Herald Partner To Provide Carbon Credit Price Data

Viridios AI And Carbon Herald Partner To Provide Carbon Credit Price Data - Carbon Herald

Carbon markets have been facing a number of challenges recently and this has been acting as a break on their sustainable growth. One of these challenges has been the level of transparency when it comes to carbon credit prices. Viridios AI identified this in mid-2023 and has been publicly sharing its carbon credit price curves in a weekly report, available to newsletter subscribers. 

The company has now decided to go one step further and partner with Carbon Herald to provide an even greater level of access to pricing data.

“I’ve met so many folks feeling uneasy about past experiences in the voluntary carbon markets, particularly when they didn’t get fair value on their credits, whether buying or selling. Well, that has to change with Carbon Markets 2.0,” said Bertrand Le Nezet, Chief Market Intelligence Officer at Viridios AI. ”We’re truly excited about the partnership between the Carbon Herald and Viridios AI—ready to usher in a new era of fairness and transparency for everyone. Here’s to a market that works better for all!”

With readership coming from the carbon markets industry, as well as the emerging carbon capture and removal ones, Carbon Herald embraced the opportunity to provide a public and easily accessible platform for sharing carbon prices.

The Herald’s editor Vasil Velev commented on the agreement by saying “We are very pleased to team up with Viridios AI as a provider of carbon credit prices. With carbon markets at such an important stage of their development, we felt the need to provide readers with reliable pricing data that complements our news coverage. This will allow the Carbon Herald audience to not only get a snapshot of the current state of affairs but also enable them to make informed decisions about offsets.”

The data will be available in the Prices menu on the website and will have five sections:

With a mix of dedicated newsfeeds and guides spread across each of these sections, the goal will be to create one-stop sources for everything happening in the respective market and placing Viridios AI data at the center of this effort to improve transparency.

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