Verse Signs Climeworks As First Clean Power Management Customer

Verse Signs Climeworks As First Clean Power Management Customer - Carbon Herald

Clean power management software provider Verse has just closed a $5.75 million seed funding round, after signing carbon removal pioneer Climeworks as its client earlier this month. 

Launched in 2022, Verse specializes in helping businesses and organizations unlock the benefits of clean power, by providing a unique platform for buying and managing clean energy. 

The platform is called Aria and it addresses some of the most important issues that organizations face in their efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while also maintaining lower costs and mitigating the risks associated with wholesale power markets.

One issue in particular that Aria solves is the lack of expertise and resources available to procure clean power – something that has been within reach of only the largest companies.

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Among the first customers that Verse signed following the launch of Aria is Climeworks, the Swiss-based company providing carbon removal services via direct air capture (DAC) technology.

The partnership with Verse will help Climeworks procure future-proofed, risk-optimized portfolios of clean energy assets to power their CO2 removal operations.

Verse’s Aria platform leverages generative AI to make buying and managing clean power simpler, faster, and more affordable for organizations.

Climeworks COO Douglas Chan commented on the partnership by saying: “Widespread access to clean power is a fundamental need for our industry to deliver high-quality carbon removal at gigaton scale.”

The latest funding round led by Coatue will enable Verse to help organizations procure, manage, and report on carbon-free energy assets faster and more cost-effectively than they can today.

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