Verra Unveils New Modular Methodology for Carbon Capture and Storage

Verra Unveils New Modular Methodology for Carbon Capture and Storage - Carbon Herald

Verra, a nonprofit organization operating standards in environmental and social markets, has introduced its new Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) modular methodology VM0049 for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

This methodology serves as a global framework for CCS activities aimed at generating carbon dioxide removals (CDRs) and emission reductions, which are essential for achieving corporate net-zero climate goals.

VM0049 provides comprehensive guidelines for CCS projects, and includes a selection of modules tailored to different CO2 capture, transport, and storage activities, allowing projects to quantify their CDRs and emission reductions.

This modular approach is flexible, accommodating project expansions, shared infrastructure development, and future technological advancements, according to a company announcement Thursday.

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CCS involves capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) either directly from the atmosphere or from high-emission industrial sources.

The captured CO2 is then transported, if necessary, and stored safely and permanently underground.

This method has substantial potential to reduce CO2 emissions across various sectors, including industrial manufacturing (e.g., cement), oil and natural gas, and power generation.

Verra plans to release the first set of modules of the new methodology, covering activities such as direct air capture (DAC), CO2 transportation, and CO2 storage in saline aquifers and depleted oil and gas reservoirs, in the coming months.

    Additional modules are in development, addressing a broader range of activities supported by VM0049.

    Projects can request pipeline listing on the Verra Registry using a methodology under development, as per Section 3.1.5 of the Registration and Issuance Process, v4.5.

    Thus, proponents looking to develop projects with the above modules can immediately seek pipeline listing on the Verra Registry.

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