Verra Seeks Public Comment For Projects Looking To Register

Verra Seeks Public Comment For Projects Seeking To Register - Carbon Herald
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On Monday, leading carbon credit certifier Verra published the official list of projects seeking to register in its standards programs that the public is invited to comment on. 

The public comment initiative comes as an attempt on Verra’s behalf to ensure more transparency of its standards programs. 

By commenting on these projects, the public can weigh in on whether or not they meet the requirements of the program or programs they wish to register for.  

The public comment periods for the listed projects end in the period between 2 July and 9 July, 2022, depending on the exact project. 

Examples of some of the projects are as follows, whereas the full list can be viewed on Verra’s official website.

  • Installation Of Solar Milling Plants for Household In Zambia, Project- 1 – 2 July
  • Hunan Cili IFM (conversion of logged to protected forest) Project – 5 July
  • Sustainable Agricultural Improvement Practices in Punjab – 6 July
  • Motor Vehicle Replacement with Utility E-Bike – 7 July
  • Jiangxi Suichuan Improved Forest Management Project – 9 July 

Comments can be submitted by clicking on the respective project and entering your thoughts in the “Public Comment” box available on the project page. 

All comments will be published on the Verra Registry to the project record and will be taken into account by the project proponent. 

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