Verijet Makes Private Flights 100% Carbon Neutral

Verijet Makes Private Flights 100% Carbon Neutral - Carbon Herald
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Air taxi service provider Verijet has managed to achieve 100% carbon neutrality of private flights with the help of incredibly efficient aircraft design and AI. 

Founder and CEO Richard Kane combined his passion for math and aviation with that of his fellow pilot Dr. Peter Diamandis to come up with a route optimization solution based on AI technology. 

Their solution was quickly adopted by a number of bizjet operators, but Kane wanted to take it a step further and also address the matter of aircraft design. 

Thus, he founded the AI-powered air taxi service and private jet firm Verijet, which brings together his technological expertise and the affordable, low-emission design of the Cirrus Vision Jet G2.

The Cirrus Vision Jet G2 boasts staggeringly low fuel consumption – up to 5 times less than a typical mid-size jet, which in itself means much lower levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse (GHG) emissions. 

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Despite its unusual appearance, the cabin is surprisingly spacious and passengers can enjoy a smooth ride and exceptional visibility. 

And not least importantly, travelers can now alo rest assured that their flights are not contributing to climate change, as Verijet is officially certified carbon neutral through an aviation sustainability company 4AIR Ratings.

The other component of the air taxi service’s carbon neutrality is carbon offsets. 

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However, the company’s founder and CEO is determined to double down on his sustainability efforts and eventually stop relying on offsets, thus becoming an entirely net-zero operation. 

Namely, what Kane has in mind for Verijet is a transition to sustainable aviation fuel or SAF. 

And in October 2022, Verijet signed a purchase agreement for at least 750,000 gallons of SAF by 2025 with XPRIZE winner Dimensional Energy – a competition originally co-funded by Kane. 

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