Verde AgriTech Announces Successful Life Cycle Analysis Results

Verde AgriTech Announces Successful Life Cycle Assessment Results - Carbon Herald
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Ag tech company Verde AgriTech has just announced the results of its first Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), completed by LCA Design Corporation.

The test was conducted on Verde’s potassium fertilizer K Forte® according to ISO 14040/44:2006 Standard and the Puro Earth Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) Methodology.

Verde’s fertilizer product provides a carbon removal solution via a process known as enhanced rock weathering.

The LCA results revealed that the company’s potassium fertilizer has the capacity to remove up to 112.56 kilograms (~248 lbs) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per ton.

The quantification of the CO2e includes all greenhouse gasses directly and indirectly associated with the process, such as mining, processing, transport, application and the subsequent weathering.

Lastly, the LCA also takes into account the so-called carbon fate in the environment, which has to do with the potential risk of remission of sequestered carbon into the environment.

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All of the above activity results in the generation of Carbon Offset Removal Credits (CORCs), which represent the net amount of CO2e removed by the applied rock weathering within a specified time frame, equivalent to 1 ton of CO2e, according to Puro Earth’s ERW Methodology.

Hence, CORCs represent the net CO2e removed by Verde AgriTech’s weathering through ERW activities.

According to the results of the Life Cycle Assessment, K Forte® has a relatively low carbon footprint of its own (less than 10% of what it essentially captures from the atmosphere) thanks to Verde’s sustainable production process.

The process involves the use of 100% renewable power sources, very low water demand, a lack of toxic contaminants, lower-impact mining and no tailing dams. 

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