Venture Global To Capture 1 Million Tons Of CO2

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Virginia-based liquified natural gas producer Venture Global LNG has set out to launch its own carbon capture and storage facilities in two liquefied natural gas plants in Louisiana. The facilities are located in Plaquemines Parish and Cameron Parish, and are currently still being developed.

Venture Global’s project is to sequester carbon dioxide and prevent it from flowing over to the surface by putting it back into the ground and storing it in saline aquifers.

The cumulative amount of carbon dioxide captured from both liquefaction plants is projected to be 500,000 tons per year. On top of that, the company has plans for another facility, Calcasieu Pass 2 LNG, which is estimated to match that same amount, for a total of 1 million tons of carbon captured and sequestered every year from all three plants.

Venture Global First to use Tech in Existing LNG Plant

That is the equivalent of the CO2 emissions released by roughly 200,000 cars for 20 years, according to Venture Global. As a result, the company’s efforts will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and will help decrease the effects of global warming.

This is in line with both government requirements as well as the rapidly growing consumer demand for cleaner, environmentally-friendly energy. In addition, it would be a major step forward for the development of carbon capture technology in the U.S., as this would be the country’s first instance of using an existing LNG plant for such purposes.

The first of the plants, Calcasieu Pass, is said to ship its first cargo later this year, whereas Venture Global has informed regulators that the Plaquemines facility won’t come into service until 2024. 

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