Vedanta To Use Hydrogen Instead Of Coke In Green Steel Production

Vedanta To Use Hydrogen Instead Of Coke In Green Steel Production - Carbon Herald

Vedanta has announced it will be replacing coke with hydrogen in its manufacturing process to produce green steel.

Steel production is among the biggest energy-consuming and carbon-emitting industrial activities as it involves the conversion of iron into pig iron. Smelting iron with high carbon fuel in blast furnaces produces pig iron.

Two billion tons of steel are manufactured every year, producing around 8% of global CO2 emissions.

With steel manufacturing being a huge hazard to our environment, there is a need to implement an eco-friendly system. 

That’s when we can talk about the concept of green steel.

Green steel means the production of steel with the least carbon footprint. Manufacturing anything with zero carbon emissions is certainly a major challenger, but even minimal emissions is a step in the right direction.

Vedanta has introduced an approach of manufacturing green steel with the help of hydrogen. The approach involves using hydrogen instead of coke to manufacture pig iron.

Implementing hydrogen in the steel production process as a replacement for coke will instantly cut down carbon consumption and, therefore, emissions. 

Collaboration of Vedanta with IIT Bombay

Sesa Goa Iron Ore Business from Vedanta has agreed to collaborate with IIT Bombay in their research.

Together, they want to figure out a way to reduce carbon emissions by replacing hydrogen with coke and eventually producing green steel in an eco-friendly manner.

They also claim to implement a process that turns coke ovens green. All the eco-friendly methods will carry out extraction and harnessing to reduce CO2 emission.

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Vedanta aims to reduce carbon emissions to zero by the year 2050. 

They have also pledged the amount of $5 billion for the coming ten years to speed up their process and reach net-zero emissions.

It follows the triple bottom line of prosperity, the planet, and people to build a sustainable future with zero discharge, waste, and harm. 

They are working consistently to find out a sure way of carbon capture utilization and storage and currently running many pilot projects.

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