Varme’s Strategic Move: Waste-to-Energy Facility Development in Edmonton, Alberta

Varme's Strategic Move: Waste-to-Energy Facility Development in Edmonton, Alberta - Carbon Herald

The City of Edmonton has entered into a an agreement with Varme Energy Inc., the Edmonton-based subsidiary of Norway’s Varme Energy for the construction and operation of a privately funded waste-to-energy facility.

Energy Global reports that this collaborative effort aims to facilitate the generation of green electricity and industrial heat, diverting approximately 150,000 tons per year of residential garbage from landfills, with the anticipated commencement as early as 2027.

These facilities utilize controlled combustion of garbage to produce steam, which can be harnessed to generate electricity or provide heat for residential and industrial applications. The upcoming Varme facility is set to employ proven technology that has demonstrated success in Europe and globally for over three decades.

“We are very pleased with this partnership and see it as a positive step in the City’s waste diversion and climate resiliency efforts,” said Denis Jubinville, Branch Manager of Waste Services. “As we continue our efforts to help our community reduce and recycle their waste, this alternative is expected to limit landfill use, lower regional greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce the carbon impact of our operations, including our long-haul fleet.”

“This is a step towards the development of this new facility and important for waste diversion and climate change mitigation in Canada,” added Sean Collins, Varme Energy Canada’s CEO. “We are excited to help lead this charge by bringing practical and proven waste diversion and energy generation technology to Alberta’s capital region.”

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An innovative feature of the Varme facility is its integration of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. This system is designed to capture approximately 90% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, curbing the release of thousands of tons of methane—currently emitted from landfill waste—into the atmosphere. In Canada, significant methane sources include landfills, oil and gas operations, and livestock.

Positioned approximately 40 km northeast of Edmonton, the Varme facility, once operational, will represent Canada’s first industrial-scale waste-to-energy facility with carbon capture. The facility is expected to divert about 40% of Edmonton’s residential waste—currently not recycled or composted—away from landfills.

The waste diversion process is slated to commence as early as 2027, following the completion of Varme’s waste-to-energy facility construction. This waste disposal strategy is anticipated to continue for a 15-year period, marking a crucial step in Edmonton’s commitment to sustainable waste management and green energy practices.

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