The U.S. And China Agree To Advance Climate Cooperation Ahead Of COP28

US and China Agree To Advance Climate Cooperation Ahead of COP28 - Carbon Herald
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The United States and China issued a joint statement on Nov. 14 saying they will advance climate cooperation following a meeting between climate envoys John Kerry and Xie Zhenhua in California. The statement comes shortly before the two countries’ presidents will meet at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum and weeks before COP28.

The United States and China will support a new global renewables target and cooperate on reducing methane and plastic pollution, the statement said. 

The statement “is a timely effort of aligning the United States and China ahead of COP28,” said Li Shuo, incoming director of the China Climate Hub at the Asia Society, adding that the agreement would help “stabilize the politics” ahead of the upcoming talks. 

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The two countries agreed to revive a bilateral climate working group to discuss cooperation areas. 

The partnership between the world’s two biggest emitters would play a key role in reaching a consensus agreement at COP28.

In its 2035 national climate plan, China, the largest global emitter of greenhouse gases, will for the first time incorporate non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gases such as nitrogen oxide. Additionally, the plan will outline targeted measures to mitigate methane emissions, a significant contributor to worldwide emissions.

The United States and China said they will endorse a G20 leaders’ declaration aimed at tripling global renewable energy capacity by 2030. Furthermore, they have agreed to expedite the transition away from coal, oil, and gas generation, anticipating significant absolute reductions in power sector emissions during this decade.

According to the joint statement, the United States, China, and the host of COP28, the United Arab Emirates, will convene a Methane and Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases Summit during COP28.

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