University Of Wyoming Unveils New Certificate Program In Carbon Capture

University Of Wyoming Unveils New Certificate Program In Carbon Capture - Carbon Herald
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The University of Wyoming has just announced it will be offering a new undergraduate certificate program in carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS). 

The new certificate program will be added alongside another undergraduate certificate program – in land administration, as a step towards equipping students for the rapidly changing energy landscape.

Carbon capture is becoming a whole new industry of its own with an obvious need for a new kind of professionals with a new set of skills and knowledge. 

Hence, there is a need to educate such professionals to meet the growing demand for human capital in this emerging sector. 

The two programs were approved by the UW Board of Trustees and are set to be launched by the School of Energy Resources (SER) in cooperation with other schools and colleges on campus. 

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Wyoming is shaping up as one of the leaders in CCUS, with a magnitude of research in the field and the policy and infrastructure necessary to support it, which makes it an ideal location to have a university program specifically in carbon capture. 

The certificate is said to include the whole spectrum of disciplines relating to the technology, policy and economics of CCUS and is designed for an audience that has a broad interest in sustainability, the energy transition and mitigating the climate crisis.

With the addition of this program, the University of Wyoming will become the nation’s second school to offer a certificate program in CCUS.

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“There has been a significant increase in interest surrounding CCUS, and we know that it will play an important role in reaching net-zero goals and emissions mitigation. 

We are prepared to meet that growing demand through our robust curriculum, and we will provide flexible, high-quality experiences for current and nontraditional students seeking a new credential,” said SER Academic Director Kami Danaei.

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