UNDO Is Helping Individuals Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

UNDO Is Helping Individuals Reduce Their Carbon Footprint - Carbon Herald
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Enhanced weathering startup UNDO is helping individuals and companies reduce their carbon footprint by spreading basalt rock. 

UNDO is focused on allowing regular people to offset their CO2 emissions at reasonable, accessible prices. 

The company offers a handful of different monthly subscription packages, allowing customers to remove the equivalent of 20, 40 and 150 kilograms of carbon dioxide in their fixed subscriptions or more in their custom subscription offer. 

Prices range from £10 (~$11) to £75 (~$83) per month and subscriptions annual. 

The method used by the UK-based startup involves spreading different amounts of basalt rock on agricultural land, allowing these rocks to break down, in the process of which CO2 is absorbed from the air. 

This process is one that occurs naturally and is known as weathering. 

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But when humans interfere to speed it up by crushing the, in this case, basalt rock, it is referred to as enhanced weathering and is what UNDO specializes in. 

Essentially, UNDO kickstarts the absorption of CO2 by the crushed rocks, causing it to take place immediately and permanently store away planet-warming carbon dioxide in a natural way. 

Piloted in Scotland, the company’s technology facilitates safe carbon removal that can be accurately measured and, thus, help bring about meaningful change. 

Bringing carbon removal to environmentally conscious individuals, as opposed to just businesses and large organizations, is a critical step towards creating a carbon-neutral future and provides the means necessary for those willing to contribute to the fight against climate change.

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Currently, there are not that many options available out there for small-scale purchases of carbon removal due to the high costs of technology-based solutions and the fact that most nature-based solutions cater to corporate clients. 

However, with UNDO’s approach, there is a chance we may start seeing more of these options opening up to the individual.

The company has ambitious goals for the future and aims to become the first company to remove 1 million tons of CO2, and remove a billion tons by 2030.

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