UN Rubber-stamps New Appeals Procedures For Carbon Credit Project Complaints

UN Rubber-stamps New Appeals Procedures For Carbon Credit Project Complaints - Carbon Herald
Maria AlJishi (right), Chair of the Article 6.4 Supervisory Body, and Martin Hession, Vice Chair, hold the text that was agreed, which introduces the Appeals and Grievances Procedure. Credit: UN Climate Change

The United Nations (UN) Supervisory Body of the Paris agreement crediting mechanism, under Article 6.4, has approved a complaints procedure for people that have suffered damages by projects that generate carbon credits.

“This is a defining moment. With the introduction of the Appeals and Grievances Procedure, we’re establishing new avenues to empower vulnerable communities and individuals, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are upheld,” said Maria AlJishi, Chair of the Supervisory Body.

Projects that will come under the purview of the procedure include renewable energy generation, forest and peatland conservation, as well as clean cookstoves replacing coal or wood-powered alternatives.

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The vast majority of these projects are being developed in developing nations across Africa, Asia and South America and have been under intense scruituny recently. Allegations have come on multiple fronts, with some being blamed for displacement and damaging local communities, while faults with overcounting and perverse incentives damaging their image in terms of impact.

One of the important points in the new procedure is that there will be no fees for those filing a complaint if they represent vulnerable local communities. For all other cases the fee is raised to $30,000 from $5,000. The two tiers are designed to provide protection for indigenous groups, as well as project developers. are the fees necessary to begin the appeals proces. Up until now..

The complaints procedure’s documentation is publicly available and comes into effect immediately, marking another milestone in the process of building and deploying a global carbon credit market under the supervision of the UN.

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