UK’s Viridor To Advance With Runcorn CCS Project

UK's Viridor To Advance With Runcorn CCS Project - Carbon Herald

Viridor is taking its carbon capture and storage (CCS) project at the Runcorn Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) in North West England to the next stage, the waste management firm said in a statement this week.

The company has agreed on a statement of principles for its CCS endeavor with the UK Government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ).

The deployment of CCS technology at Runcorn serves as the foundation of Viridor’s decarbonization strategy, underpinned by a five-step action plan unveiled in May 2021 to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.

Furthermore, Viridor hopes to become the UK’s first net-negative emissions waste and recycling company by 2045.

Viridor’s project is part of the wider HyNet scheme that represents one of the first clusters of industrial entities supported by the government, aiming to decarbonize through CCS and hydrogen initiatives.

Under the HyNet ecosystem, captured carbon will be transported to Liverpool Bay for safe storage in depleted reservoirs beneath the seabed.

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Viridor will now start final talks with DESNZ to sign a waste industrial carbon capture contract, potentially securing governmental support alongside the company’s own investment.

This agreement unlocks the subsequent phase of investment and development in the project, set to capture over 900,000 ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, thereby neutralizing the carbon footprint associated with treating more than a million tons of waste annually.

Given the presence of over 50 energy-from-waste facilities across the UK, the successful implementation of this project at Runcorn could serve as a blueprint for decarbonizing the sector nationwide.

Furthermore, the project holds the potential to contribute up to 10% of the UK Government’s 2030 negative emissions target.

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