UK Oil Refinery To Be Equipped With Carbon Capture Technology

UK Oil Refinery To Be Equipped With Carbon Capture Technology - Carbon Herald
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The UK Stanlow oil refinery, owned by India-based conglomerate Essar Group, is set to be equipped with carbon capture and storage (CCS) to secure the facility’s future in a low-carbon environment. 

The refinery located in North-west England has been in operation for nearly a century, and now its owners have decided to make sure it can still be around for the century to come. 

Essar Group has announced it will be heavily investing in efforts to decarbonize the facility’s operations by capturing its CO2 emissions and storing them deep underground. 

Currently, the Stanlow oil refinery is responsible for producing some 17% of all road fuels in the UK 

In a comment on the planned changes, Jon Barden, COO of Essar Oil, acknowledged the importance of carbon capture for the fossil fuels industry and the transition for hydrocarbons. 

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The UK government has committed to carbon capture and has set out to make sure the nation has at least five industrial clusters equipped with the technology, and among them are two that have been approved for fast-track development, including the HyNet cluster to which the Stanlow refinery belongs.

As part of this cluster, the refinery will be used to make blue hydrogen and, by replacing the natural gas that the facility runs on and providing a low-carbon fuel for other sectors, thus, helping bring about a wider hydrogen economy. 

Essentially, Essar Group aims for the UK refinery to reach net-zero emissions by 2040 and achieve 70-80% emissions reduction within the next decade. 

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