UK Launches Licensing Opportunities For CO2 Storage In The English Channel

UK Launches Licensing Opportunities For CO2 Storage In The English Channel - Carbon Herald
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CO2 storage in the English Channel is set to take a significant leap forward as the UK launches licensing opportunities for organizations to explore and potentially utilize underground storage sites for carbon dioxide. 

The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) is spearheading this initiative by opening up a competitive procedure for companies to apply for licenses specifically aimed at assessing and storing CO2 in the English Channel region. 

The licenses are now open for application, and the deadline for applying is Wednesday, June 5, 2024. After the deadline, the NSTA will review the submissions technically, while the Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment & Decommissioning (OPRED) will evaluate them in accordance with the Habitats Regulations.

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By exploring the possibility of CO2 storage underground in the English Channel region, the UK is demonstrating its commitment to advancing sustainable practices, and it’s showing a proactive approach towards leveraging the region’s resources for environmental benefits.

In 2023, the carbon transportation and storage sector in the UK experienced transformations that led to significant advancements and growth, with 21 licenses being issued at the conclusion of the inaugural carbon storage licensing round.

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During that time, the UK Government outlined its ambitious plan for the carbon storage sector, committing to investing up to £20 billion. This investment could have a notable effect, as the industry has the capacity to store the emission equivalent of removing 6 million cars from the roads.

The plan signaled the government’s recognition of the importance of developing solutions for CO2 storage on a large scale, and in reaction to the quick expansion of the sector, the NSTA established a specialized team focused specifically on carbon transportation and storage.

Additionally, a consultation is currently in progress to identify which carbon storage data should be disclosed and within what timelines, which will support the advancement of upcoming sites. The country’s initiatives also led to progress in permit application projects, with anticipated decisions in 2024 for four applications. 

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