UK Launches Call For Evidence To Explore CO2 Transport Options

UK Launches Call For Evidence To Explore CO2 Transport Options - Carbon Herald
Source: Anton Watman

The UK government just launched a call for evidence to look into new methods to transport captured CO2 emissions in order to bolster the nascent carbon capture industry.

The initiative seeks to support the development of the infrastructure necessary for more and more heavy emitters to effectively manage their carbon footprint.

By enabling more different CO2 transport pathways across the country, more UK businesses will gain easier access to offshore storage sites, where their carbon emissions can be permanently locked away.

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In addition to the existing pipeline network, CO2 can be transported via ship, road and rail, all of which will require due effort to explore and determine the feasibility of each pathway. 

Establishing a strong transport network will not only speed up the adoption of carbon capture technology across the UK, it will also create thousands of new jobs that will boost the economy. 

The UK’s unique geology allows for the storage of up to 20-30 million metric tons of CO2 per year by the end of the decade, and the government has already made a commitment to the emerging sector with a massive £20 billion (~$25 billion) investment. 

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Energy Efficiency and Green Finance Minister Lord Callanan stated: “The UK has the right geology, talent and expertise to build a world-leading carbon capture industry, driving investment and economic growth to our industrial heartlands.”

“Businesses right across the country want to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions and I want to hear from them how we can deliver greener solutions for industry by giving them ever-greater access to this game-changing technology,” Lord Callanan said.

Starting in 2025, carbon capture projects that use ways to transport captured carbon dioxide other than pipelines are expected to be considered for approval.  

Companies have 10 weeks to submit their ideas through this Call for Evidence here.

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