UK Green Tech Manufacturer Signs $875 Million Decarbonization Deal In The UAE

UK Green Tech Manufacturer Signs $875 Million Decarbonization Deal In The UAE - Carbon Herald
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Levidian Nanosystems, a UK-based clean-tech firm, will provide 500 of its patent LOOP50 systems to Zero Carbon Ventures. The deal is part of a project to introduce top notch decarbonization technologies to the Middle East with the UAE on top of the list. 

The $875 Million project, announced on May 16, will utilize decarbonization devices in reducing CO2 emissions for different industries in the UAE. It will focus on the decarbonization of waste gas on landfills and flare sites.

The LOOP system uses plasma technology to generate clean graphene and hydrogen through the separation of methane into carbon and hydrogen that can be promptly utilized or stored.

 Levidian said the device can decarbonize gas by 40% right away and can integrate with infrastructure at any site with a supply of natural gas on a global scale. The technology is also meant to produce graphene and hydrogen to be distributed in the Emirates. 

“LOOP is at its most powerful when decarbonising waste gas to generate hydrogen and graphene,” said John Hartley, CEO, Levidian. “Levidian’s mission is to turn [methane] into a powerful tool for decarbonisation.” 

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The green graphene will be used to ‘further decarbonise’ industrial materials in paints, plastics, building materials, and battery technologies, while the green hydrogen will be used in fuel cells and heat and power applications.  

With the direct reduction of methane emissions – a greenhouse gas with global warming potential 86 times higher than that of carbon – Levidian’s goal is to decrease CO2 equivalent emissions by 100 tonnes annually. 

The large-scale decarbonization of the atmosphere is at the heart of Zero Carbon Ventures’ mission to use outstanding carbon reducing technologies that can positively affect the industries in the Middle East. 

“There’s no doubt that Levidian’s game-changing LOOP devices will do just that,” said Martin Reynolds, CEO, Zero Carbon Ventures.

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