UK Government Publishes Its New Biomass Strategy, Industry Welcomes It

UK Government Publishes Its New Biomass Strategy - Carbon Herald
Source: Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

The UK government just published its new biomass strategy, dedicated to outlining how the nation can scale up domestic production of forestry and agri-crops to meet the increasing demand for bioenergy. 

The Biomass Strategy also focuses on the need to process residual waste with carbon capture and storage (CCS) currently being the only available technology compliant with net zero goals.

As it stands bioenergy is considered carbon neutral by many countries because of the assumption that the biomass being burned only releases gases that it has already absorbed.

In response to the Strategy, Mike Maudsley, CEO of enfinium said: “The UK’s new Biomass Strategy is a welcome endorsement of the strategically important role energy from waste infrastructure can play in a Net Zero economy by combining unrecyclable waste with carbon capture technology to take emissions out of the atmosphere.”

Drax Group, the largest developer of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage welcomed the government’s strategy issuing a statement that commented on BECCS inclusion in the strategy by stating “is a clear signal that the UK wants to be a leader in carbon removals”.

With the help of the Biomass Strategy, the UK government hopes to reduce the country’s carbon dioxide emissions, while shifting towards more sustainable sources of energy. 

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The Strategy was also welcomed by the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA), and Ruth Herbert, CEO, said: “Today’s publication of a Biomass Strategy for the UK is good news.

“Capturing carbon produced from burning biomass is an important part of the carbon removal toolkit to remove greenhouse gasses from our environment, particularly for hard-to-decarbonise sectors like agriculture and aviation. It will help ensure we can protect jobs, maintain important industries and deliver our net zero ambitions.

“BECCS is one part of the suite of carbon capture and storage solutions that has the potential to underpin the next industrial revolution. We urgently need HM Treasury to set out further detail on the scale and timing of support to BECCS and other potential carbon capture sites.

“Failure to act this Autumn would risk undermining investor confidence in the UK while others such as the United States race ahead in the development of this vital technology.”

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